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Sailing the French Riviera with Star Clippers!

From July 6-16 I set out on a European adventure! The newly appointed Canadian Branch division manager reached out and invited me to join some incredible advisors on this wonderful opportunity with Star Clippers, as the only Canadian contingent among my new American friends, I jumped a tthe change since I am crazy about boats and ships, finding myself meandering in marinas while away any change I get!

The ship:

Here are some specs on the ship: Construction date: Star Flyer 1991, Star Clipper 1992, Passenger capacity: 166, Number of crew: 74, Length: 379 feet, Beam: 49 feet, Draft: 19 feet, Ship's registry: Malta, Gross tonnage: 2,298, Number of masts: 4, Mast height: 206 feet, Sail area: 36,220 square feet, Number of sails: 16, Speed: Between 5-17 knots.

This ship was a beauty. I fell in love with the personal attention guests received and how friendly all on board were. It is a unique sailing in that all who enjoy this type of travel are laid back and easy going. There were no issues at all - not one. Food was fabulous and abundant and drinks were lovely. There are no drink packages available but beer was equivalent to $5.00 Canadian and drink specials ran daily all day for the same price. I climbed the mast of this ship as well which was very fun! Walking around in all the towns each day was a great way to spend time in the sun, enjoying the food and drinks in each port, I had the most incredible experiences and will always remember this time sailing in Europe.

The itinerary looked like this:

Sun 09-Jul-2023 Portoferraio, Italy

Mon 10-Jul-2023 Bonifacio, France

Tue 11-Jul-2023 Stintino, Italy

Wed 12-Jul-2023 Ajaccio, France

Thu 13-Jul-2023 Calvi, France

Fri 14-Jul-2023 Beach Stop St. Tropez Beach

Fri 14-Jul-2023 St. Tropez, France

Star Clippers is a fabulous cruise choice and I would love to help others experience all that I did! They have many European itineraries as well as closer options in the Caribbean. If you have any questions on this sailing, please reach out to me. There are many itineraries to choose form in Europe and the Caribbean and I know you will be hooked to this company and experience as I am!

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