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Occidental at Xcaret Destination

My daughter and I experienced this resort and I wanted to share it with you all. This resort is an approximately 30 minute bus ride south of the Playa Del Carmen, and well worth it. It is right next door to the Xcaret Adventure park, which sadly we didn't have time for but I hear it is a must see!

The resort is MASSIVE and eco-friendly. With 11 restaurants, 5 pools, and 10 bars you are well taken care of! This resort boasts a whopping 765 hotel rooms in numerous building scattered throughout the vast lush tropical landscape. There are many walking paths leading you to authentic Mayan ruins which are on site and incredible to see up close. There are monkeys, flamingos, colorful birds, turtles and other wildlife on the resort and its a great experience!

Occidental Lobby

Ruins on the Resort Site

There is so much to do here from nature walks and exploring, the shops that remind me of European boutiques built in the the resort, musical and energetic pool parties, quite and relaxing hammock bars, a beach area perfect for sun and drink. The rooms are clean and laid out well. Service is friendly and staff are accommodating.

Standard Room Selection

Beach Area

Beach Area

Resort Map

This are of Mexico has a lot to offer for sightseeing. Playa Del Carmen is a short drive away and is very awesome to visit for shopping and to check out some of the sites. We enjoyed a visit to Chichen Itza which is a World Heritage site. It was a lengthy three hour drive from our resort but honestly a huge highlight of our trip - absolutely jaw-dropping seeing how life use to be in the year 750-900 AD. I had never witnessed history of this age before and it truly left its mark. We opted for a guided tour so we could learn more about the site and it is well worth it.

Standing in front of Chichen Itza

Part of Chichen Itza Ruins

Another great thing on our to-do list was to see and swim inside of a Cenote. If in Mexico you MUST do this! So incredible finding these little gems that are out of the way and having this unique experience!


I would highly recommend Xcaret Destination south of Playa Del Carmen. While it is a bit on the pricier side of resorts, you will NOT be left disappointed or looking for anything to do. It is a family oriented resort with a lot of options for activity, yet a couple looking to kick back and relax would do well here as well.

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