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Preparing for International Travel

As I prepare for my journey next week to the Dominican, what first comes to mind is how lucky I am. Being given the opportunity to travel to amazing destinations, and check out beautiful luxury resorts to ensure what I am selling meets my clients needs, I feel there is no greater occupation and career purpose I could have than this.

The past four years have prepared and taught me to see travel through different eyes. For many years I have thought (too much it seems) about the what if‘s in what seems to me was every stage of my life. I suppose it’s only fitting here too that I’m conditioned to wonder about the ‘what if‘s‘ of travel at the moment. ‘What if I forget something?’ ‘What if I contract covid while away?’ ’What if I need to come home?’

…always the worrier! Its definitely part of me, and I truly think it’s helped me in life. With contemplating scenarios that could happen, I then prepare for all those little things that could happen. Likewise I prepare my clients with the same of security while they are away, from providing information before their journey, useful tips and advice from locations from someone who has been there, and most importantly they know I am a quick text or phone call away should they need help.

I am excited to bring the new locations and resorts that I will be visiting while in the Dominican to you all! Also, as we currently travel in a far different world than we did prior to the pandemic, I can’t wait to bring you all the latest in what you can expect from travel first hand.

I will be staying at the following resorts:

*A private Oceanside villa in Casa De Campo, La Romana

and the following all inclusive resorts in Punta Cana:

* Excellence

* Serenade

* Majestic Mirage

* Sirenis

* Dreams Dominicus

And I will be doing site inspections at many-many others!!!

Please be sure to check my blog here for informative and lengthy daily resort updates, and I will post a quick video or two from my Facebook, TikTok and Instagram accounts.

Thank you to my many clients and friends who continue to support me!!!

Sandra 💕

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