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Amazing Thailand! March 1-24, 2022

In December 2021 the opportunity came for me to join others in experiencing Thailand with the Tourism Authority of Thailand. We were set to leave in January, however due to the Omicron wave just starting, this was postponed to March 1, 2022. Myself and seven other Canadian Travel Agents were excited for this trip and the pretty incredible itinerary.

After being confirmed as joining this spectacular group, I felt a whirlwind of emotion from elation, disbelief, excitement, as I have always wanted to see Thailand, and planned for as long as I could remembers to travel to Thailand for my 50th birthday (December of 2021). With 'the virus' playing a large part in those kiboshed plans, I placed the dream on the back burner for a time when I knew I get there under better circumstances. This opportunity could not have come at a better time for me!

The trip started for me on March 1 and was supposed to end on March 15 (that story comes later!). I visited luxury resorts on many different islands of Thailand, and took part in local experiences I cherish and reflect on fondly and will for years to come. My travel itinerary is as follows:

Day 1 - March 1

Traveling from Lethbridge to Calgary, PCR Test. Flight from Calgary to Vancouver

Travel at this time required several 'hoops' to jump through, such as applying for our Thailand Pass and timing our PCR test to ensure our results would be valid upon arriving in Thailand. I had to schedule my Rapid (and expensive - at $200!) COVID PCR test in Calgary hours prior to my departure to Vancouver since it had to be timed with our arrival in Thailand. You can imagine my nervousness when I opened my email while landing in Vancouver to find my test result was negative and I could continue on. Sadly, one agent wasn't so lucky - so we were down to 7 agents and two Thailand Tourism representatives.

One night in the Westin Wall Centre near the Vancouver Airport

Day 2 - March 2

Flight from Vancouver to Singapore

If you ever have the chance (and I hope you do!!!) to fly with Singapore Airlines - you must!!! Despite it being a 16.5 hour direct flight from Vancouver to Singapore, it was an amazing experience! Please spend the extra money for an upgrade to seating as this will make a world of difference. The Singapore airport is literally the most beautiful airport I have ever been to (complete with a Louis boutique 💕). There is a butterfly pavillion as well, so there's lot to see, do, and shop for!

Day 3 - March 3

Singapore to Phuket - PCR Test #1

After a nights stay at the airport hotel, we finally boarded for our last flight and arrived in Phuket! We stayed at the beautiful Racha resort, located on Racha Bay in the Andaman Sea, and I had never seen anything as lovely. We had to have our first in country PCR test on arrival and wait in our glorious suites until we were negative.

The Racha Resort:

Day 4 - March 4

Phi Phi Island and Maya Bay, Phi Phi Lei, Site inspection of Saii Phi Phi Village

Day 5 - March 5

Flight from Phuket to Chiang Mai, arrive at 137 PIllars House Hotel

Day 6 - March 6

Visit to Patara Elephant Farm and Site Inspection of Anantara Chiang Mai

Day 7 - March 7

PCR Test #2, Spa Day, Site Inspection of Raya Heritage

Day 8 - March 8

Indigo Dye Workshop and Flight to Koh Samui, Check In Ritz Carlton

Day 9 - March 9

Day Trip to Big Buddha, Grandmother and Grandfather Rock, Site Inspection of Anatara Lawana

Grand Mother and Grand Father Rock

Day 10 - March 10

Luxury Catamaran Trip from Koh Samui Bureerasa Pier to Koh Phangan, Banyan Tree Site Inspection