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Site Inspections in Puerto Vallarta

In March of this year, I was fortunate to attend some site inspections in Puerto Vallarta. I have to say that even while these resorts are operated under the same AM Resorts Brands, they were all vastly different! I love the AM Resorts as they are a wristband-free resort, one less thing to worry about and you aren't painted this tourist-target while exploring the city on your own.

First we checked out the Sunscape Puerto Vallarta Resort. This is a very family friendly and economical resort. It is the cheapest of the AM Resorts and to be honest I was not thrilled with this property. First the good news: since resorts were pretty empty at the time we were given an ocean view upgrade which was absolutely wonderful. The welcoming staff were very hospitable and accommodating. The resort is in a great location, convenient walks to nearby shops, nice beach to lay on, however the beach is not private.


The lobby Sunscape

Pool area Sunscape

Now the bad - get comfortable! Leaving our room we took an elevator close to our room back down, and that was a huge mistake! We ended up in a basement that closely resembled a morgue, with locks on the outsides of doors in a dimly lit hallways. Once we managed to find our way out we got on the right track and never tried to do it differently!

The resort is comprised of a newer building addition on to the older building. You could tell - cracked walls, and in dire need of repair and update. The grounds were well maintained, people were happy - you're in Mexico so what is there to complain about!! I found restaurant and service staff polite. with the exception of maitre d' of the outdoor restaurant who was rude and condescending. We thought it could have been a one-off, but each of a handful of times we ate there he was the same way.

The food - absolutely horrible. The selection was subpar and hot foods were most definitely not. I won't explore this farther, that's how bad it was. The only good place was the coffee bar where we would grab coffee and some fresh fruit before heading to the beach.

Rooms - our room was comfortable and mostly clean. It was a large room with a great view of the ocean. The deck was a favorite place to sit between 'places to be', until on evening two we found a bat living behind the light and it was stuck in there. I was horrified, wouldn't go out there! We advised staff but they said that there was nothing they could do. End of our evenings on the patio before retiring for the night.

Sun Club Master Suite Ocean View

I would not recommend this resort to anyone, unless you were needing to absolutely stick to a budget and didn't care about food.

Next it was off to both Secrets and Now Resorts, located beside each other and quite similar. I was loving what I was seeing coming from Sunscape.

Right off the start you know you are in five-star accommodations. The lobby area was modern, efficient and the grounds were pristine. This resort is geared towards couples only, no children are allowed. Its quite a romantic resort, high quality and refined. Men should be sure to have slacks and close toed dress shoes for dining options as you will not be allowed in some of the finer dining options without them.


Sitting area off the main lobby at Secrets

The rooms are luxurious and comfortable. The mini bars are stocked daily and the turn down service is great! Being this close to the beach is sure amazing, every morning waking up to the sounds of the waves and smell of ocean air was heavenly.

Preferred Club Master Suite Oceanfront terrace with plunge and direct access to beach

We enjoyed dining at the Oceana Restaurant and between the amazing food, atmosphere and service, the experience was perfect. Staff was incredibly accommodating and willing to help with any little thing. I would highly recommend this resort to anyone who is looking for that all inclusive luxury experience while still wanting to be near the busy-ness of Puerto Vallarta's city zone.

Next door to the Secrets Resort is the Now Amber Resort, very comparable to the Secrets in accommodations, service and atmosphere. Catering to family friendly but luxury clients.


Now Amber resort Lobby

The resort is designed for luxury family, lots of activities and entertainment going on. Its layout is quite similar to the Secrets resort. The rooms are magnificent and comfortable, great views of the ocean. I always advise to upgrade to the Sun Club, which includes top shelf liquors, private express check in and check out, private lounges with decadent food, and upgraded rooms with views.

Master Suite Now Amber

I would highly recommend this resort to families with fine taste looking for entertainment and luxury accomodations, while again being in the action of the city zone of Puerto Vallarta.

Thank you AM Resorts for accommodating me during my stays here! If any clients want to hear about my experience feel free to drop me a message or give me call.

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